Monday, February 16, 2009

Samsung’s Blue Earth

Samsung announced the Blue Earth, an environmentally-minded phone made from recycled materials that can use solar power to charge the battery. The solar cells are built into the back of the phone. The Blue Earth, which was designed to resemble a pebble, has a touch screen and custom-made user interface for input. It can go into a low-power “Eco-mode”, has a built in pedometer, and will let users know how they are reducing CO2 emissions by walking rather than driving. Its charger has a 5-star energy efficiency rating and draw very little power.


  1. Nice.. lets hope Nokia and Other Brands also wake up and create a cool looking phone., which does not make us feel like.... GEEK.

  2. Well this is the coolest, as there is power shortage in the world, Short of Water... honestly short of everything..... except the Solar Energy and the more we use it the better.

    Thanks Samsung for your Gadgets.




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